Exhibition set design visuals.

Controls: Explore!

Use the W, S, A and D keys (or arrow keys if you prefer) to move around the design, and use the mouse to look around. Use the space bar to jump. You can go upstairs too. The “1” and “2” keys open/close the glass doors. The “E” key hides/shows the exhibits. The “M” key hides/shows the video displays.

The “P” key hides/shows the floor plan display.

The “O” key toggles between the first person view and a bird’s eye view that allows the user to simply orbit around the whole design and view it from any angle.

MouseLook around
WMove forwards
S... backwards
A... left
D... right
Arrow keysMove forwards, backwards, and sideways
1 & 2 keysOpen/close doors
EHide/show the exhibits
MHide/show the video displays
PToggle floor plan display
OToggle orbiting set visual view

(This is a big file: 5 megabytes. You will need a quick connection and some patience as it buffers. It doesn’t help that the download progress/buffering display is broken, as are a couple of other bits ... During the course of the recompile the link between where the mouse points to look and the direction of movement controlled by the W/S/A/D/arrow keys has done gone broke itself. Apologies until all these issues are fixed.)


Javascript must be enabled to allow the demo to run.